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360° Media Company since 2001

We are the real (and original) 360 Media despite attempts by many to copy our name, our business model, logo and even our website design! In 2001, 360 Media was created to provide clients with a one-stop shop and consulting expertise on the emerging and rapidly evolving world of digital media. In 2002, we snagged the 360Media.com domain name from an Australian company supposedly in the credits of the first Matrix movie (though we still never checked..) and decided to go in another direction. With a new domain and website in hand, we worked rigorously to get new clients at a time when many did not fully believe in the medium and if it would be worth it.

Fortunately, we landed our first big client in the Philadelphia Eagles. Having a big name behind you, and working on some amazing and innovative projects, meant we could expand into more areas and grow further as a company. Over the next eight years, we helped clients all over the globe on various digital projects and campaigns. By 2007, the majority of our business was focused on video and helping online retailers become their own QVC® through social media and online videos. We launched LiveClip, one of the first online video sharing sites, and VideoSpokesmodel.com- one of the first online talent and video ad production companies.

By 2009, we made a big shift into mobile and social media and helped bring our clients into the new social, local, mobile wave. This eventually led to the launch of social media and mobile apps, social media ad campaigns, social video marketing campaigns, mobile ads and Facebook strategies.

360 Media has always strived to stay one step ahead and to provide innovative insights and solutions to our clients as a partner and not just another vendor. We treat every client as if they are our most important – whether you are one of the world’s largest hotel chains or a small retail store. We hope these next ten years can be even more successful than the last as we look forward to working with many more new clients and employing truly amazing people.

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